Tricia Patton,

Amy's translations sounded completely natural in English while remaining true to the tone and meaning of the source text.  She navigated technical jargon and regional variations in language with ease, translating over 120 loans from at least 12 different Spanish-speaking countries.  She is a skilled translator, and it was a pleasure to have her on my team of translators. 

Apart from life sciences and medical translation, I have experience in many other areas of the industry such as marketing material, personal documents, subtitling for Netflix and YouTube, and pro bono translation for, and Translators Without Borders.

I also offer:

Transcription (creating a written text from audio)

Subtitling (adding written text to video)

Translation of emails

Assistance for business with Spanish-speaking countries

Assistance for Spanish-speaking newcomers to New Zealand

Something you need that isn't on my list?   I also take requests!

Carlo Abanto,


Durante el tiempo que Amy estuvo colaborando con nosotros siempre desempeñó su puesto con acierto, diligencia, y superando los objetivos profesionales que tenía asignados, puntualidad con los plazos de entrega y dedicación y perfección a la hora de traducir. Siempre me ha demostrado ser una persona puntual, de confianza, teniendo las habilidades necesarias para hacer una traducción precisa y natural para que los clientes se fijen en la compañía lo suficiente para comprar. La recomiendo como una traductora muy profesional y competente.

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