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Olga Sheinina, PreferencePRO

Amy’s attitude is always friendly and supportive, which makes it a great pleasure working with her. Not for a moment throughout this project did I need to worry - I always knew our project was in good hands.

Life Sciences


& Medical



I'm a Spanish-English translator specialising in medical and life sciences translation, which means I often translate specialised texts such as clinical trial documentation and medical journal articles as well as pharmaceutical documents.

I have collaborated with a number of different companies working in these fields, such as one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world; a multinational healthcare company operating worldwide; an academic publishing company specialising in scientific, technical, and medical content; a Spanish pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona; among others.

Auckland city

Allyson McKay,

Language Facilitation Ltd

Amy's work is of a high standard and she is always punctual and professional.  

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