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Olga Sheinina, PreferencePRO

Amy’s attitude is always friendly and supportive, which makes it a great pleasure working with her. In addition to her outstanding linguistic skills, professional and warm attitude and ability to comply with our tight deadlines, Amy also demonstrates exceptional organizational abilities.

Brennan Smith,

She’s always very easy to work with and delivers good quality. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.

Life Sciences


& Medical



I'm a Spanish-English translator specialising in medical and life sciences translation, which means I often translate specialised texts such as clinical trial documentation, pathology reports, or scientific medical journal articles on topics such as rheumatology, microbiology, gastroenterology, psychology and radiology, as well as pharmaceutical documents. I have also worked for several years in linguistic validation and carried out a few cognitive debriefing projects for New Zealand English.

I have collaborated with a number of different companies working in these fields, such as one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the world; a multinational healthcare company operating worldwide; an academic publishing company specialising in scientific, technical, and medical content; and a skin-health focused global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona; among others.

SmPCs/Package Leaflets


IRB/mREC/CRO correspondence

Linguistic validation/Cognitive debriefing

Pathology reports

Social media listening

Pharma process validation

Patient medical reports

Insurance documents

Medical personnel CVs/licences

Adverse event/Pharmacovigilance

Scientific medical journals

Auckland city

Allyson McKay,
Language Facilitation Ltd

Amy's work is of a high standard and she is always punctual and professional.  

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