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my translation philosophy 


which is not the same as literalness, regarding the meaning of the text as well as ensuring an appropriate tone, style and register for the particular text in question


meeting deadlines is something I take extremely seriously as translations are regularly time-sensitive 


I strive to instil in my clients a sense of security that I will at all times follow confidentiality protocols and consistently deliver on my commitments 

I am a full member of NZSTI (New Zealand Society of Translators & Interpreters), the New Zealand nationally representative body of translators and interpreters. Membership is reserved for those who meet a certain standard of skill and expertise (in my case a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation Studies (with distinction). Please contact me for more information or a copy of my CV.

In addition to building experience through work, I am always improving and expanding skills in my areas of expertise and interest, and by taking professional development courses with eCPD webinars, reading widely and interacting with medical professionals in my chosen area of specialisation. 

Auckland city

why use a professional translator?

One of the unique things about translation is that in most cases, the client is unable to judge the quality of the end product themselves, simply because if they need a translator they probably can't speak the language!

The skill of translation is not equal to the skill of being able to communicate in two languages. Machines are not able to capture all the context, nuance and cultural information required to produce an authentic translation.

Using a professional translator, who is not only competent in both languages, but who has also studied and gained relevant experience in the art of reliably translating text from one language to another will help you avoid the inevitable and ongoing problems of a bad translation. 





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