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General Spanish

Learn Spanish for your own specific purposes. Are you going to live in a Spanish-speaking country and want some help to get you started? Have you have fallen in love with a native Spanish speaker and want to impress? Important grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the ins and outs of the language will be presented in a way that suits you along with optional fun cultural knowledge and activities including food, music, dance and more. 


"Spanish lessons have been wonderful with Amy. We've managed to learn the basics with heaps of fun & creativity. Classes were always interesting and positively challenging. Amy is a great teacher, always thinking of ways to make learning a fun and interesting experience! Very accommodating too. :)" - Kimberly and Nick Lim

Traveller's Spanish

Learn some useful Spanish basics and phrases that will help you dive deeper into the culture of a Spanish-speaking country while you are on a trip or a holiday. Topics include greetings, numbers, prices, food and drink, shopping, public transport and more, and are tailored to your individual needs (specific countries you'll be visiting, hobbies and personal preferences e.t.c)

"We had the pleasure of having Amy visit our home over a number of weeks to tutor us in travellers' Spanish. Amy's teaching techniques were extremely innovative and original and were delivered by her in a bright entertaining (and often humorous) manner. - Warren and Elizabeth Finn.

Spanish for Kids

Would you like your children to gain a valuable skill and expand their knowledge of the world? Would you like to get them interested in other people, places and expose them to all the advantages that come from speaking more than one language? Classes are fun, engaging and creative to encourage a love for learning and a love for language.

"My daughter, Jieun, and I went to NZ for her education when she was 7 years old. As soon as we settled down, I looked for a native Spanish teacher, but there were not many Spanish people who were reliable. We had 6 tutors in 6 months. Then we met Amy at the church. Fortunately Jieun liked the lessons with Amy. I think it was very hard work for Amy as she had to prepare special things to make it fun for a little child and she had to have a lot of patience because Jieun was a beginner of both languages. Anyway, we have now done lessons 2~3 times per week for 2.5 years in NZ and 1.5 years in Korea after we came back. Now, Jieun's Spanish level is advanced at school thanks to Amy. I really appreciate her." - Inha.

"My daughter Patty learned Spanish with Amy for the last two years. She loved her classes and learned a lot. Her vocabulary and writing in Spanish improved significantly." - Lara.

Academic or Business Spanish

Do you work with international clients from Spain or Latin America? Would you like to prove your commitment to the business relationship and create goodwill? Are you taking NCEA or Cambridge Spanish exams? These classes focus on accuracy, pronunciation and the most important Spanish for business or academic success. I studied Spanish academically myself during my BA and PG Dip, in both Spain and New Zealand, so I know how to help you learn quickly and efficiently while having some fun at the same time.

"Bidcorp owns businesses in Latin America. Since I travel over there frequently as well as receiving guests to New Zealand, I wanted to learn some Spanish for professional purposes. Language classes with Amy were engaging and informative. I gained an understanding of Spanish that I can use in my daily business and that helped me create deeper connections with my Spanish-speaking business partners." - Nigel Boswell, Chief Development Officer. (Bidcorp)

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