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Spanish Classes FAQ

Updated: May 12, 2022

Have you got more questions about Spanish classes? Check out these FAQ, or get in touch!

Q Why should I learn another language at all? Doesn't every man and his dog speak English these days?

A There are heaps of great reasons to learn a language including...

  • Job: people who can speak another language make better employees.

  • World: studying a language creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice towards people who are different.

  • Skills: analytical skills, communication skills, listening skills and memory improve during the process. 

  • Travel: international travel becomes easier, more enjoyable and more rewarding.

  • English: study of another language helps you learn more about your own.

  • Culture: another language opens another world of art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, film, philosophy, science and more.

  • Health: learning another language is good for your brain.

Q Why should I learn Spanish, instead of German, French, Mandarin, Ancient Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Aramaic......?

A I believe Spanish is one of the best foreign languages to learn because it's...

  • Friendly: native Spanish speakers, are very open and easy to approach. They are very encouraging to foreigners who are learning their language and help you practice in a friendly and forgiving way!

  • Global: did you know that there are more native Spanish speakers than native English speakers in the world?

  • Widespread: Spanish is the mother tongue in 21 different countries and is spoken widely in the USA.

  • Easy: it's easy to get started - the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation is not too difficult for native English speakers to master compared to some other languages.

  • Culture: the Spanish language is connected to vibrant, diverse and rich cultures all around the world. Spanish-speaking countries are full of amazing accents, food, tradition, history, architecture and much more. Think: paella, flamenco, and gauchos. 

  • Business: Latin America represents a huge emerging market for business, and relevance to the New Zealand economy is increasing by the day. Did you know Auckland's electric trains are from Basque country in Spain - one of my Spanish students was a key player in bringing them over here for us to enjoy!

Need even more evidence? Check out this blog post.

Q What are your qualifications and experience?

A I have a BA in Spanish and Mandarin and a Postgraduate Diploma with distinction in Translation Studies, and I have been teaching languages since 2008. Being a language-learner myself, I know the techniques and struggles that come up and can help you make progress and enjoy your learning at the same time. I have taught private students and classes at the University of Auckland, community centre locations, and online. Find out more about me.

Q Where will my classes take place?

A I am currently doing online teaching via video call only due to COVID changes.​

Q Who do you teach?

A I have experience teaching all ages - from children aged 5 years right through to older people in their seventies (that's you, Polly!) Private and very small classes mean that lesson material and teaching style can be tailored to your personality, preferences and goals, so you can make faster progress.​

Q Why do you teach Spanish?

A I fell in love with Spanish when I had my first lesson at age 14 in high school in the UK. The accent and words sounded magical to me, and as time went on, the more I learned about Hispanic culture and people, the more I loved it!​​ I ended up doing my degree and post-grad diploma in Spanish, Mandarin and translation and then lived for a while in Spain.

Q How do you teach Spanish skills?

A I like to make my classes creative and fun as I have a passion for the ESTUPENDO Spanish language, and I think you learn a lot more if you’re interested and engaged in the subject.

​Activities I use most often include things like videos, games, stories, Pinterest, flash cards, websites, worksheets, books, magazines and role plays for children and adults alike! I often do spontaneous activities, themed activities, and use lots of colour, music and interaction.​ I also make use of some great textbooks, which may or may not be used depending on your ability level, class type and so on.

​I always use high-quality, up-to-date resources as I believe these are key for an enjoyable and current learning experience.​

Q Which skills do you teach?​

A The full range of Spanish language skills including:

  • vocabulary

  • grammar

  • conversation skills

  • listening

  • accent

  • pronunciation

  • reading

  • writing

  • Spanish culture

  • Latin American culture

  • NCEA, Cambridge, IB exams

Q When do you teach classes?

A I am flexible about the timing of classes and can usually fit with your schedule. My time zone is: UTC +12.

Q Can you recommend any useful resources?

A Yes! See this post!

Something I haven't answered here? Ask me directly!

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