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English Classes FAQ

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Have you got more questions about English classes? Check out these FAQ, or get in touch!

Q Where will my classes take place?

A If you're in New Zealand, your classes will take place either at my house in St Heliers or at the St Heliers Centre. I have a dedicated teaching room at my place complete with resources to make your classes fruitful and fun.

If you're somewhere else in the world, you can do your classes online via Skype, FaceTime e.t.c. Some students who live in New Zealand choose to do online classes because it's more convenient for them.

Q Who do you teach?

A I have experience teaching all ages - from children aged 5 years right through to older people in their seventies (that's you, Polly!) Private and very small classes mean that lesson material and teaching style can be tailored to your personality, preferences and goals, so you can make faster progress.

Q Why do you teach English?

A Because I absolutely LOVE languages and I enjoy helping people to speak my own language more accurately and naturally.​

Q How do you teach English skills?

A I like to make my classes creative and fun as I have a passion for the AMAZING English language, and I think you learn a lot more if you’re interested and engaged in the subject.

Activities I use most often include things like games, stories, Pinterest, flash cards, websites, worksheets, books, magazines and role plays for children and adults alike! I often do spontaneous activities, themed activities, and use lots of colour, video, music and interaction.

I also make use of some great textbooks, which may or may not be used depending on your ability level, class type and so on.

I always use high-quality, up-to-date resources as I believe these are key for an enjoyable and current learning experience.

Q Which skills do you teach?​

A The full range of English language skills including:

  • vocabulary

  • grammar

  • conversation skills

  • listening

  • accent

  • pronunciation

  • reading

  • writing

  • NZ culture

  • UK culture

  • IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge and other exam preparation

Q When do you teach classes?

A Usually Tues - Fri 3.15pm till evening, some weekday mornings and Saturday mornings.

Timezone: UTC +12 (online classes outside these times can be arranged separately)

Q How much do classes cost?

A My language classes last 45 minutes. With experience, I have found this to be the optimal length for concentration and retaining knowledge. Classes cost $50. Includes all lesson materials / feedback / homework depending on your class type.

​Q Can you recommend any useful resources?

A Yes! See this post!

Something I haven't answered here? Ask me directly!

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