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Awesome English Resources

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

Need some ideas about what you could use to help support your English learning? Here's a collection of some of my favourites.


Merriam Webster English dictionary - with audio pronunciation

Audible - audio books

Brainscape - the world's smartest flashcards

Memrise - funny flashcards

FluentU - real-world videos to help you learn language


Oxford Online Dictionary - definitions, pronunciation and thesaurus

Grammar Girl - English grammar explanations with cartoons

Ego4U- English grammar online practice exercises

My English Pages - reading comprehension practice

English with Jennifer - American English teacher

Teacher Paul - Learn American English Online

Misterduncan - A fun British guy

BBC English - the official BBC English learning YouTube channel (British English)


English Grammar in Use - best overall intermediate grammar practice book

Advanced Grammar in Use - best overall advanced grammar practice book

Common Mistakes at First Certificate and How to Avoid Them - a useful practice book with explanations about typical mistakes students make with English

What are you favourite resources? Are there any you'd like to recommend to fellow English learners around the world? Leave your comments below!

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